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With two thriving memberships, and industry leading sales conversion numbers, there’s one thing I know for sure… nothing drives membership sales (and the impact you can make with your work) quite like the following:

  • Publicity/media features for social proof and credibility
  • Qualified people finding out about you and falling in love with via amazing, powerful media outlets!
  • The belief (mindset) that you can get the results

I’m so excited to be partnering with Stu McLaren to offer you some EXCLUSIVE bonuses that will help you master all of these things if you purchase TME using my affiliate link.

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VALUE: Priceless – Never sold separately

BONUS 1: A Superstar Session, just for you:

A one on one call with one top-notch, elegant, in-the-field media coaches!

Oh yes, you read that right!

These coaches are actual media professionals and work daily as editors, producers, and content creators, so they’re hyper on the pulse of what’s hot! They work at brands including Cosmopolitan, TIME, INC, Business Insider and more! My coaches *ARE the media*!

And if you purchase TME through me – you’ll have a one on one call with one of them …
(I dare you to find a better bonus than this anywhere else)!

What better way to kick off – or expand – your membership than with a media win (and new connection)? Let’s make sure everyone pays attention to your unique magic!

**You have 90 days to use your private 1:1 coaching call.

"I've been able to get featured in a number of magazines and publications, because I've learnt the technique that Susie shared. Susie has shared techniques around pitching, raising your profile and your visibility online and offline. And because of that, I was featured in Good Housekeeping magazine and got PAID! I am also now a contributor for which is a world famous publication and also because my background is in Human Resources, I have been featured in People Management magazine and HR Zone. So would I recommend this course, hell yes! I'd encourage anyone who wants to have their name in publications, to be featured, to be interviewed, to be quoted to go for it. I will definitely say that the course is second to none."

Michelle Raymond

HR Consultant and Visibility strategist

"I got a $20,000 client after writing a guest post and I couldn't believe how organic and easy it was. Someone read my advice and then reached out immediately to hire me. The media elevates your credibility and brand so that you're instantly trusted by the people who land on your article. I couldn't recommend Susie or her course highly enough."

Luisa Zhou

Online Mentor

"I could have never imagined being published within two weeks of completing her course, or being syndicated and featured in Forbes in only a few months! I can honestly say investing in her program is one of the best things I have ever done."

Farrah Smith

Life Coach for Kids and Teens

"Since finishing Five Minutes To Famous, I have been published, and featured in more than a dozen online publications including: Oprah Magazine, New York Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens,, and more! I used those clips to pitch to morning show producers, and now I have been featured on two morning shows, one commercial, and I have 4 other future morning show segments booked, with PAID brand deals. If I can do it, anyone can. I have no college degree, I have ADHD, and I'm married with two little girls. Susie hands you the key on a silver platter, it's up to you to unlock the door."

Elena Duque

Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel Expert

"Before starting Five Minutes to Famous, I was stuck trying to find ways to grow my podcast and brand without overextending myself. I didn't know much about PR, and I didn't even think I was enough of an expert to receive any placements. However, after taking the course, I realized that I definitely had information worth sharing that would help a much larger group of people and extend my audience much further. My favorite part of the course was the pitching templates and the blog post idea list. I've used the exact template to pitch story ideas with minimal tweaking. I've been able to grow my audience and podcast listenership exponentially, and the extra income is great, too. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone!"

Maya Fleming

Podcaster + Founder of Gentler

"I didn’t know if I was good enough to submit articles. They always tell you in school that you need to be absolutely a perfect writer to be featured in magazines/editorials/publications. I thought only PR people could submit. Who would listen to me? What value could I even begin to offer? Many of these were self-imposed gremlins that were pretty difficult to overcome. Since starting, I have been featured in many blogs and have been featured in national media…. I have been published in Bustle, Parents, SheFinds, Parents Latina and Business News Daily. (I’d recommend this to) anyone who wants to be published for branding, career, business, or just for the sheer thrill of seeing your name featured on a website. Life is too short to remain invisible. They should GET THIS COURSE!"

Shirley Vazquez Arteaga

Corporate Coach

VALUE: $2,997

BONUS 2: Five Minutes to Famous

One of the reasons why people don’t sell their memberships as easily as they’d like to – is they don’t have the credibility and authority that the media would give them. I don’t have to tell you that being in the media is the fastest track to both. I’m often referred to as go-to the media expert because it’s simple: my students get the best results in the market.

And why do they trust me in the first place?

I’m constantly sharing images of and linking to the media features I get in places like Oprah, the Today Show, Business Insider, Forbes and Cosmopolitan (and the hundreds of other places I’ve been featured), on webinars, sales pages and in emails.

Doing this gives you the credibility and authority you need to turn cold prospects into warm, enthusiastic members of your community

In this bonus, I’m giving you access to my industry leading, signature publicity course, Five Minutes to Famous. Yes, really!

There’s nothing else that can change your professional game like a big media feature.

But to most people, the media is an elusive unicorn. The glittery, golden opportunities lie behind closed doors and you need killer credentials or VIP connections to pass through. I’ll show you how to enter with NONE of those things! Nod your head if you’d just love that!

By now you know creating a membership is the best way to fast track your impact. And with the media, you’re adding gasoline. I’ll help you stand OUT and grow your email list and sales like crazy by being featured in the media. Get the leads, the status, the wow-ing your friends and then – making it all turn into money in the bank using Bonus #3…

(As you consider the benefits of Five Minutes Famous, you can check out our course sales page including our additional testimonials right HERE)

No more pulling your hair out. Or throwing your hands up in the hair because it hasn’t worked for you. Because this stuff DOES work!! You just need to know exactly how.

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"After learning all the tools and techniques (in Five Minutes to Famous) and implementing them, I got 2,187 new opt-ins just from one guest post. That’s like paying $10,000 on Facebook ads. I am super happy with this course and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to move the needle in their career, get more brand exposure and get their messaging to the world. My results have been extraordinary, and yours will be too.”

Isa Herrera

Pelvic Healer

"I implemented Susie’s strategies and my article was accepted by a magazine! Susie is the Real Deal. She cares about her students’ success in a way that is both refreshing and authentic. So many marketing “experts” care more about making money than they do about really helping their clients. I couldn’t imagine investing my time or my money with any other publicity expert. Her sincerity shines bright!”

Tracy Lynn

Domestic Violence Educator and Advocate

“Susie got me in MindBodyGreen! When I saw my name in it, I screamed. After years of reading it, I was IN IT! Thanks to Susie – a dream became real! Susie helped me find my voice and footing as a writer, attract new 1:1 clients, and get featured in media I LOVE!"

Ivonne Ackerman

Barre Instructor

"I wondered if purchasing FM2F would be just another course I didn’t finish with basic info, but the course is easily digestible and actionable with so many gems that would have taken me TONS of trial and error to figure out on my own. Before the course, I had been featured in a handful of places but didn’t have a reliable method for getting features–after the course, I was pinching myself realizing EVERY. single. one. of my pitches since taking the course had been accepted! I even had editors coming to ME for ideas and features. *praise hands* Now I’m leveling up and not every pitch is a yes, but if you want a repeatable system for getting your message out there in a big way, FM2F is a no-brainer. This course works across platforms too. I’ve used it for everything from TV features to getting big-name podcast guests for my own podcast. Every person who wants more eyes on their work needs this course. Cannot recommend highly enough!”

Brooke Schultz

Photographer + Podcaster

“Susie’s course Five Minutes to Fame offered a lot more than all the other online media courses I’ve ever done. It got me immediate results (within the first two weeks of purchasing it), with two reviews one on a big Natural Health website and an interview on the state News in Maine!"

Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Organic Food Company Owner

Value: $588

BONUS 3: THREE Months in Self Coaching Society for just $1

This is extra just because I love you!

Here’s a secret. Success is 50% strategy and 50% lining up your beliefs with your desire. You’re going to feel amazing when you dive into Self Coaching Society – with two live coaching calls every month with me that will give you the confidence, motivation, and practical advice to take true career shaping action.

I can’t wait to coach you to success – LIVE every month!
Regularly, there’s a $297 Initiation Fee plus $97 per month. For just $1 – you’ll receive 90 whole days! Pretty cool, right?

TME + 1:1 Superstar Sessions Media Coaching Call + Five Minutes to Famous + 3 months in Self Coaching Society =



Think of how you’ll feel when this all pays off in your life and business!

I doubt that insane bonus package will ever be available again. I don’t need to tell you that this bonus package is probably the most poised one out there to help you really take OFF. And you’re probably already aware of the fact that people who are decisive, win.

I’m not going to say that this is the best thing for you, because only you know what is right for your life and business. What I will say is, this has been the magic formula for me and I’m more than psyched to share it with you!

Here’s one critical thing I’ve learned in over decade of helping build successful start-ups:

There’s one thing all successful entrepreneurs – whether they’re newbie Side Hustlers or billionaire CEOs – can’t live without: High quality information from experts who’ve seen the success they want to replicate.

Best of all for you, this high quality bonus package is just that! That’s what you wanna get your hands on, right?

You get all these extra bonuses if you register, but you need to do it now and via the link below.

By now you know that the sooner you dive in, the faster your results will be.

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